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Music del Dia  – a link to the lyrics

The song for today is “Salir de la Melancolia” from Argentine band Seru Giran, from their 1981 album Peperina, written by Charly Garcia, a pillar of Argentine rock. The first 15 seconds of the song is a dialogue from the Spanish dubbed version of Gilda (1946) directed by Charles Vidor. It is a dialogue between Gilda, played by Rita Hayworth and Johnny Farrell, played by Glenn Ford. This is after Gilda sings “Put the Blame on Mame” and Johnny approaches Gilda filled with jealousy.

Johnny: como te atreviste.

Gilda: y estaras muy felíz Johnny, no es lógico que sólo lo sepas tú, ya todos saben que al poderoso Johnny Farrel le engañaron y que su esposa es una…(then Gilda receives a tremendous slap in the face from Johnny)

I thing juxtaposing the film with this song is more than appropriate because both deal with the themes of jealousy and obsession. Johnny Farrell is obsessed with Gilda but hides his fears and insecurities with his jealousy. It represents the relationship between the object and possesion (symbol of power?) It is proof of the extent men will go when in a relationship with a woman as beautiful as Gilda and everyone is looking at  her.

Or what do you think?


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